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Myanmar Popular Places to Visit

Top 10 Places To Visit In Naypyidaw

Naypyitaw or Naypyidaw is the modern capital of Myanmar (Burma), north of the former capital, Yangon. Traditional tiered roofs crown the buildings of its Parliament (Hluttaw) complex. Exhibits at the National Museum include Burmese art and ancient artifacts.  The golden stupa of Uppatasanti Pagoda has an interior carved with stories from Buddhist literature. In a nearby enclosure are white elephants, once

Gokteik Viaduct

If the history of Myanmar is something that intrigues you, then you definitely want to visit Gokteik Viaduct. The best way to reach this bridge ride is by taking the train ride across the longest railway bridge in Myanmar. The entire bridge was completed building around in 1901 which further adds to the overall excitement and the history of the

Shan State

While you might often come across destinations to visit in and around the Shan State, you won’t necessarily come across someone suggesting you explore the Shan State itself. Once you are done exploring around the popular sites of attraction in and around Shan, make sure to keep a day or two to simply and casually stroll around the Shan State

Mrauk U

Yet another one of the picturesque and popular sites of attraction around in Myanmar is the off the beaten track destination of Mrauk U. It is often considered as one of the best alternatives to visiting Bagan because of the kind of similarities both of these places inflict on the geography of Myanmar. It is located between the majestic hills


Naypyidaw or Naypyitaw is a unique city in the region. It is a fully constructed large city but with very few inhabitants compared to its size, so you can experience the amazing and unprecedented. Naypyitaw is the modern capital of Myanmar (Burma), north of former capital, Yangon. Owing to the mesmerizing beauty of the place around. It is not a


The Mergui Archipelago is known around the globe with its pool of the destinations it showcases. Some of its scattered parts around in the Andaman Islands are often regarded as the Myeik Archipelago and the Pashu Islands. Each one of these places has a unique character of its own which is what sets it apart from the others.  The beautiful sand


Hpa-An is a very popular traveler town around in Myanmar which is not necessarily a lot visited around by the tourist but does make up for providing you with an amazing experience altogether. The rugged and rustic vibes from this specific town are what makes it unique and loved by the majority of the tourists who visit it. It is


As hard to spell as the name is, Hsipaw is an enthralling location which is loved and adorned by the tourists the entire year around. This is every adventurer and trekker’s dream destination in Myanmar owing to the amazing range of trekking trails they sport. It was the royal capital of the kingdom of Shan back in the days which

Mahamuni Buddha Temple

The Mahamuni Pagoda or Mahamuni Buddha temple is one of the most important Buddhist pilgrimage sites in Burma, an important pilgrimage site that houses one of the most revered Buddha images, a 13-foot tall sculpture. It’s covered in gold leaves so much so that parts of the sculpture appear distorted. The temple complex is also home to the Mahamuni Museum

Kakku Pagodas

A visit to Kakku Pagodas, believed to date back over 2,000 years, makes you feel like you’ve stepped into another world, one that’s filled with stupas and little else. Almost 2,500 of them dot the hills near Inle Lake. Some of them have fallen into ruin but many are well-preserved. You can also see a few restored stupas. The Kakku Pagoda