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Hpa-an, Myanmar

Hpa-An is a very popular traveler town around in Myanmar which is not necessarily a lot visited around by the tourist but does make up for providing you with an amazing experience altogether. The rugged and rustic vibes from this specific town are what makes it unique and loved by the majority of the tourists who visit it. It is nestled across the tranquil and reflective waters of the Thanlwin River.

One of the most important and popular spots to visit around in Hpa-An is the Zaydan Road which is littered around with coffee joints and amazing spots to just sit down and have a relaxing day. The lakeside of Kan Thar Yar is yet another of the amazing spots to be around in and make sure to enjoy the reflective transparency of the water when you walk along it. The other important site to visit around is the Mount Zwegabin and the monastery that is located there.

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