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Naypyi Taw, Myanmar

Naypyidaw or Naypyitaw is a unique city in the region. It is a fully constructed large city but with very few inhabitants compared to its size, so you can experience the amazing and unprecedented. Naypyitaw is the modern capital of Myanmar (Burma), north of former capital, Yangon. Owing to the mesmerizing beauty of the place around. It is not a destination like every other one that you will come across. The place was announced as the capital of Myanmar back then by the Burmese military leader Than Shwe back in 2005. The decision was made rightfully so because of the littered presence of a wide range of government buildings and nationalist monuments that are found around the place. While there, make sure that you visit the parliament complexes along with the infamous Uppatasanti Pagoda to add to the already vivid experience you will have there.

The huge and impressive parliament building with a 20-lane highway (usually empty) leading up to it. You can only watch it from a little distance since you cannot cross the bridge leading to it.

National Herbal Park has exhibits of plants having medicinal applications from all of the major regions of Burma. There are thousands of plants at the park, representing hundreds of different species. There is no entry fee.

The Naypyidaw Zoological Gardens opened in 2008 with some 420 animals and a climate-controlled penguin house. It is the largest zoo in Burma. It is said that most of the animals were relocated from Yangon zoo, at the same time as the government officials were making the same journey.

Uppatasanti Pagoda also called the "Peace Pagoda" is a prominent landmark in Naypyidaw. The pagoda, which houses a Buddha tooth relic from China, is a replica of Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon and stands 100 metres high. It also has Maha Hsutaungpyae Buddha Image in Maha Pasadabhumi Gandhakuti Chamber, Four jade Buddha images in the pagoda's hollow cave, 33 metre high flagpole, Bo tree Garden with Maha Bo Tree and the images of the 28 Buddhas, Marlini Mangala Lake with the chamber of Shin Uppagutta and Pagoda museum.

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