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Putao, Myanmar

Most of Myanmar's snow-capped mountains are located within the state of Kachin, Northern Part of Myanmar. Gateway to the Myanmar Himalayas is Putao, which is surrounded by Natural Scenic Beauty and known as the most exciting and the most beautiful part of Myanmar, sharing borders with China in the North and East, Shan State (Myanmar) and Sagaing Division (Myanmar) and India in the West. At an elevation of 402 m above sea level, Putao is small and picturesque. The climate of Putao is cold all year round and snow-covered mountains can be seen from a distance. Mt. Hkakaborazi is famous mountain of Putao and it is on the northwestern part of the Union of Myanmar near the Indian border. At 5881 meters elevations, it is the highest peak in Southeast Asia and is covered with ice and snow. The Hkakaborazi National Park was established in 1996 and it covers an area of 1472 sq miles. Some of the world's most endangered butterfly species are found there. This journey will makes the guests fulfill with the natural beauty of icy snow cap mountains, the different ethnic minority tribes in Northern Myanmar, the world rarest Black orchids and the rarest species and so many floras and faunas around the region.

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