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Shan State

Shan State, Myanmar

While you might often come across destinations to visit in and around the Shan State, you won’t necessarily come across someone suggesting you explore the Shan State itself. Once you are done exploring around the popular sites of attraction in and around Shan, make sure to keep a day or two to simply and casually stroll around the Shan State and get engrossed in its beauty altogether.

The place is known around for its picturesque landscape, immaculate sceneries and the best part about this place is the wide range of delectable cuisine you get to try around in here. The tiny villages around in the Shan State add to its beauty and authenticity even further. One of the most popular sites to visit while there is the Keng Tawng Falls that often go unnoticed by the majority of the tourists because of the fact that it is often a lot less unexplored.

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