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Yangon, Myanmar

Thanlyin is only 4 miles away from Yangon, can make excursion to both Thanlyin and Kyauktan across the Yangon (Hlaing) River. Thanlyin was founded by Mon Kings and formally known as Syriam. During the late 16th and early 17th centuries, Thanlyin was the base for the notorious Portuguese adventurer Philip DeBrito. It was a major port and tradingcenter until Yangon took over this role.

The large Golden KyaikKhauk Pagoda here is a popular place of pilgrimage, rising on a hillock to the north of the road. It contains two Buddha hairs delivered to the site by the great sage himself. Continuing 15km south east of Thanlyin, you’ll reach Kyauktan. This is the place famous for its Kyaik-Hmaw-Wunmid-stream Pagoda (a pagoda located on a tiny island in the middle of the river ). You need to take a short boat ride from riverbank to YelePaya (Mid-river Pagoda, Kyaik-Hmaw-Wun ).

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