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Top 10 Places To Visit In Naypyidaw

Naypyidaw, Myanmar

Naypyitaw or Naypyidaw is the modern capital of Myanmar (Burma), north of the former capital, Yangon. Traditional tiered roofs crown the buildings of its Parliament (Hluttaw) complex. Exhibits at the National Museum include Burmese art and ancient artifacts.

The golden stupa of Uppatasanti Pagoda has an interior carved with stories from Buddhist literature. In a nearby enclosure are white elephants, once prized by Burmese royalty.

Here are the Top 10 Places to Visit in Naypyidaw, which are worth visiting on a Naypyidaw trip:

1. The Thatta Thattaha Maha Bawdi Pagoda

Myanmar is known as a Buddhist country. This is reflected in the presence of many temples, including in the capital Naypyidaw. The architectural style of the Thatta Thattaha Maha Bawdi Pagoda temple is based on the Bodh Gaya temple in India. This temple is dedicated to the birth of Gautama Buddha, the religious leader who is seen as the founder of Buddhism.

2. The National Museum

The National Museum of Myanmar focuses on the art, history, and culture of the country. This museum aims to exhibit the cultural heritage and national pride of Myanmar. There are beautiful exhibits, with many replicas of sacred stones, miniature temples, and traditional musical instruments of different indigenous peoples. A visit to this museum is a must during your trip to Myanmar.

3. Uppatasanti Pagoda

This prominent monument can be seen from almost anywhere in the capital. The Uppatasanti Pagoda is a large, golden temple that provides a beautiful view of Naypyidaw. Next to the temple, you will find a stable containing white sacred elephants. As this temple is built on an elevation, it is nice to go there in the evening. Once the border is open again and you can apply for your Myanmar visa, a visit to this illuminated temple is one of the highlights of your trip to Myanmar.

4. National Herbal Park

200 acres National Herbal Park which was developed to observe 700 species of herbal plants which are used to produce medicines. About 20,000 plants and herbs can be found in this park. The main motto of this development is to preserve the traditional system of producing medicines in the country by using various medicinal plants. They also sell different types of herbal plants.

5. Nay Pyi Taw Safari Park

Visit penguins, tigers, monkeys, and more at Myanmar's largest zoo, or take a cruise through Asian, Australian, and African habitats at the neighboring Safari Park, where you'll encounter majestic mammals in their natural surroundings, including several rare and exotic species of deer.

6. National Landmark Garden

The National Landmark Garden contains 21 miniatures of famous buildings and monuments in Myanmar. In addition, an organic farm and an amusement park can be found in this large garden in Naypyidaw. Various events are also organized throughout the year, such as music shows and fairs. In short, a nice place to visit for families with and without children.

7. Foot Mark Spa

If you need to relax, the Foot Mark Spa is a good option during your visit to Myanmar‘s capital. The Foot Mark Spa is a perfect place for enjoyable massages and cups of tea. All wellness treatments are available at this spa, from foot massages to body scrubs and from Thai massages to face masks. The restful decor of the Foot Mark Spa will make you feel like you are really enjoying a relaxed day.

8. Gems Museum

This museum consists of two floors. Here, you can see an amazing collection of gemstones. You will also find a number of rare gemstones with background information in both Burmese and English. The museum itself is on the first floor. On the ground floor, there is a shop where you can buy the most beautiful gemstones.

9. Naypyitaw Water Fountain Park

This 165-acre garden is situated near the Naypyidaw City Hall with a steel structure arch-way. Also included in the garden is the main pond with three fountains inside and 11 small ponds with 13 different fountains inside, a 30 feet high clock tower, nine recreation centers, two small gardens, two stone gardens, and ten feet wide buggy road and footpaths.

10. Thapyaygone Market

During your visit to Naypyidaw, a visit to a food market with all kinds of food is a must. The Thapyagone Market is located close to the city center and is visited by many locals. In the evening, all stalls with local food are located here. You will also find many restaurants here, which are very popular. In short, this is one of the most important places to eat and drink in Naypyidaw.

Besides this, there is much more to explore in Naypyidaw!!!

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